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A good salesman in Dagestan - where to find it and how to teach to sell?

23 мая 2010 -

I will begin immediately with the sore. Virtually all businesses Dagestan is an issue of sales - as a salon, and on active calls and meetings. Growth and development occurs in the direction of quality of service - a sure sign of growing competition. Nevertheless! For many business owners is not something that is not acceptable - and even seems wild - to ask the client - "Excuse me, how did you hear about us?" But let us return to our .... So it begs the word - pardon the candor - As the word itself - "manager" in Dagestan.
Over the last six months (winter-spring 2008-2009) I, for talks on cooperation in advertising and in general on the development of client’s business, visited at least 200 companies Makhachkala. Meetings were held, of course, with the owners or key persons of companies. One and a half to two hours a specific conversation. In identifying the needs of the client - the vast majority complains about the lack of skilled, committed, hardworking manager, but strictly speaking - sales agent.
Now a paradox! All the newspapers and websites are full employment just by the very notorious managers - with higher education, young, ambitious. Yet it is in need of the company. Why?
In that, having even sometimes brilliant academic knowledge - and this is the presence of red diploma - graduate’re not suited to the realities of Dagbiznesa. He taught theory, and examples of large companies and businesses. But in Dagestan after 90% - is a small business where the owner himself and the seller, and an accountant, etc. But the remaining 10% - Medium and large companies rather - well, no more than 100 for the whole of Dagestan. Many of my agents admitted to me - that they are trying to entice our customers, and in personal conversations, and the clients themselves questioned whether it is possible to combine the work of my agents - that they were selling their goods. It’s always telling me about how the market needs for specialists in direct sales. But it is also the fact - that the strong do not need to be experts at work on someone. They are completely separate their own businesses. A manager with diplomas - alas, are rarely able to attach to the case. For example, my company: the 100 candidates - only one is suitable for probation.
The case of the recent practice. Of the recently held our competition, we have chosen two of the 16 applicants. A guy and a girl. Or rather - but they survived them all. Gone are the two-day adaptation. They began to call, schedule meetings. Girl appointment. Experienced my manager went with it. He made a deal - barter, new windows. It certainly was silent at the meeting, because knowing does not know how to talk - the instructions must observe, learn. The girl disappeared after this meeting. The next day comes to work for lunch. Below we describe our dialogue.
- "You know - I decided to leave. I realized that I did not fit this job! You could not count my order - which I took yesterday? "
- "Well ... this is my order? I’ve set up a meeting?
- A girl and who should show the customer design the advertising block? Who should monitor the execution of an order? Who ... who ... who ...
- "I thought that you were so answer me!"
I have seen a great deal for 6 years in my not very easy business, but such arrogance never seen ... A guy was patient and tenacious but less suited to this work than that girl ..
That’s how to hire people - dear our entrepreneurs! What do you think? They thought - took the man and he ran to work for you - the benefactor? Think Again! Most are looking for your Business - just as a tool for hanging out. And it is desirable to have the most comfortable conditions - well, there is a computer with classmates and "Asya", "mobila" on the house, working hours - that and the regular session and was released at a wedding and unwell to be - if the mood will not work. In general: to work less - and more postabilney earn. Most heard somewhere - that, where a steady salary and experience - it solidly. And where - a big part of his salary - by the job should receive, and this is still quite a lot of work? Well ... this is undignified! I have long been willing to work relentlessly screen out "sit in the office." Although I will not deny - the role of the secretary or assistant, many of them have quietly pulled! However, they do want this type of work. But ... to have a secretary, probably more myself somehow not old enough. This function - to pour tea boss can not afford any one of my colleague - who comes close to my office. Yes, and in the office I’m usually a few hours a day - all on the sidelines, in the offices of our clients.
I learned to find suitable managers and sales agents for my years in direct sales and management company, 99, 9% of whose clients - are the customers who got an offer from us, but not as usual - saw the ads, interest, rang, looked ordered. And willing to share a few simple rules and tips. All tips are solely between direct sales.
1. It is best for direct sales in Makhachkala, Dagestan, think and all suited a girl of 10 beautiful girls sellers rarely find a guy. " So - the conclusion to such work easier to find the girl.
2. Take agents read - managers in large numbers more easily at the release of students from colleges and universities. Since then a lot of good, "human material" - is always easier to choose from a larger number of people. This is usually - early summer.
3. Try not to put the soul in a recruit - believe me - out of 10 people, which you take on the steep competition - in a month will be a maximum of three. And if you’re a busy month with a rookie - that except regret about wasted time, he will not leave you anything. But the rookie left unattended - even worse! Best of all - to be with him the most stringent and demanding, but forgiving - at once. Any mistake - goodbye once during the month - that’s my principle. It is dangerous if a person repeats the error. That or he is with learning disabilities, or it is too hard to imagine it breaking. Here the most important - loyalty to human company. This is the most important - what you can forgive people and wait until he would grow up and grow stronger, he must - if you add a loyalty and hard work. Though the bear on a bicycle can be trained to ride - but we usually got no time. And if the labor market is more suitable candidates for a particular position in your company - you have to make a choice in the direction of the latter. But please - do not change the "flea". Better to leave a proven employee - than to take unknowns. And I never and never forgive infidelity! Existing staff and new recruits need to know - once they look at "left", with most likely - to say goodbye. This is business, nothing personal!
4. Of course - as a place, and things will go. If there is no chain of command, or if you have to understand - both in need of a particular employee - at a crucial time for you, he may behave unpredictably, and no threats, no rolls, you will not force him to do everything they wanted. It will be easier to get rid of it than try to change ...
5. Ideological training sales agent must be at the highest level. The fact that these people - who have money in a company and then only on the basis of their desire to make money not go far - should be sure to use incentives psychological nature - they must have passion, desire to be the best, team or personal achievement in sales and m . e.
To educate the seller to sell - he must be a living example to follow. Almost impossible to obtain from your regular "aktivnikov" strong sales - if you do not have "field commander", able to show all by example. In my company this role is fulfilled by 4 people: Commercial Director, Executive Director, an agent with a 3-hletnim of experience, unfortunately does not want to grow taller and myself. And in most companies just a problem with this. Before installing your new business model of working with clients - should definitely look into this work yourself. Try it yourself in active sales. Manage your "aktivnikami will be an order of magnitude easier. On this subject there is good literature. But best of all, of course, as always and everywhere - practice.
Good luck and success in this difficult journey!

Sayidahmed Sayidahmedov,
Director General of RIA Megaspravka-Dagestan, also specializes in the practical construction of systems sales in Dagestan and the Caucasus businesses


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